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THATCHAM CAT 1 Car Van Motorhome ALARM








THATCHAM CAT 1 Car Van Motorhome ALARM


If Service is Ever Required no need to take your vehicle back to a store and leave it for the day.

Van Owners,
Alarm Or Locks? Which Ever You Decide Act Quickly!

As Van Crime Is Rife Over Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife And Lothians.

Call 0800 1223156 Or 07894500229
For A Quotation For Your Vehicle.

                        peel Back van doors

Without The Threat Of An alarm Sounding Thieves Can
Do A lot Of Damage In An Attempt To Force Locks.
Also As In The Picture Above,Without  Locks Fitted
At The
Centre And ALSO The Top Of The Door The Van Can Still Be Emptied Of Valuable Tools.


Of Course The Perfect Van Security Would Include An Alarm And Decent Locks,
But This Can Be Costly. Here Are Some Advantages Of
An Alarm Over Locks, Ultimately The Decision Is Yours,
But Either Way Don't Leave It To Late, Act First! Fit Some Additional Security On Your
Van Before Its Too Late!

An Alarm also covers window breakage,
which in the case of for example a Ford Transit owner can be the difference
of keeping the vehicle and Its Contents All Together!
As Even With Aftermarket High Security Door Locks Fitted
A Theif Only Needs To Smash The Drivers Window,
Lean In And Plug A Clever Piece Of Hardware Into The OBD Socket,
Clone A Key, And Away Your Tools / Equipment And Van Goes In Seconds!
If An Alarm Is Fitted The Alarm Triggers If They Smash The Window,
And Continues To Sound, As well As Covering Entry Through Windows,
Higher End Alarms Can Immobilise The OBD Socket Rendering It Useless!


Locks Can Cause Nasty Corrosion And Void Perforation Warranties!

With "Peel Back Craze" Locks Need To Be Installed At The Tops
Of The Doors To Be Effective.

Alarms Dont Void Warranties, And Can Detect Peel Back As Little As 2cm!


Higher End Alarms Can Alert You By Text Message If Your Alarm Triggers.


Unlike Locks, Alarms Can Be Transferred From Van To Van,
So Once You've Paid The Initial Outlay On A Good Alarm / Security System,
You Can Keep It For As Long As You Like.

Alarms Can Reduce Your Insurance Premium.Listed Above Are Just Some Advantages
Of Alarms Over Locks, But The Decision Is Yours.


Why Not Give Us a call Now For A fully Installed Van Alarm system for Your vehicle.

For Your Maximum Convenience We Provide A Fully Guaranteed On- Site

Installation Service.

All Work Wiring And Connections Guaranteed For as Long As You Own The Vehicle.
Auto Security Systems . Since 1988.


Warning to All Ford Transit, Transit Custom, Fiat Ducato, peugeot boxer and citreon Relay van owners... beware!
Thieves can now enter and empty these vehicles without doing any damage, its just like they 
Have been left unlocked. Thieves seem to have aquired
scanners and / or universal tumbler keys that will unlock your vans doors.


Even With Added Locks!!!
New 'peel and steal' craze sees thieves
Taking tools worth thousands
in seconds.

We can now install in conjunction with an alarm system,
sensors at the top of van doors that will sense the
peeling back of Van doors,
Even if its just a couple of centimetres!!

Unless Locks Are Fitted Top AND Centre Of Van Doors
This Is What Can happen.
To A Certain Extent Locks Have Been Effective But With "Peeling Back"
The Locks Have To Be Placed Around The Each Door.
Also Bare In Mind Adding Locks Void The Vehicle
Anti Corrosion Warranty And Rust And stains
Can appear Very Quickly.

Anti Peel Back sensors DONT Cause Rust And DO NOT Void The Vehicle Warranty

 Expert Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarm Installations Across Glasgow

 And Surrounding Areas ( Motherwell, Hamilton, East KIlbride, Bellshill, Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Coatbridge,

Dumbarton, Clydebank, Paisley, Johnstone, Beith etc) Since 1988.

Whether It's A Top End Thatcham Approved Vehicle Security System Installed By A Thatcham Recognised Installer
Or Just A Great Quality Alarm For Your Own 'Peace Of Mind'
  Why Call A Car Audio Installer, Window Tinter Or 'Jack Of All Trades'?
For A Truly Professional Vehicle Security Installation Give The Vehicle Security Experts A Call,
We Are Always Happy To Help.


It's The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle.

 Thatcham Cat 1 Systems, With 'On-site' Mobile Installation Start From Just £299.99

*Dependand on type of vehicle And Location For Installation.


For A Fully Fitted Price On Any Of  The Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Shown Below.
Call Us Now On Freephone 0800 1223 156

Please Note , You May Experience An Initial Six Second Connection Delay.

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 Scroll Down For Info On Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarms By HORNET, TOAD, AUTOWATCH, CLIFFORD, VIPER




Be Aware - Did You Know? Reputable Car Security Dealers DO NOT SELL THATCHAM APPROVED PRODUCTS FOR D.I.Y. INSTALLATION - FULL STOP!  All Thatcham Approved Alarms And Immobilisers Must Be Supplied And Installed By The Official Alarm Dealers To Retain Their Insurance Approval  Status And Even The Product Warranty!  IN SHORT -  If the company suppling Your Thatcham approved Alarm Does Not Also Fit The Alarm system - Then Watch Out! - Your Alarm Installation Will  Not be Recognised As a Thatcham Approved Installation, Even If You Have A certificate "Out The Box" - Therefore Wasting Your Money And Time, IMPORTANTLY - The Alarm Warranty Will ALSO Be NULL AND VOID As The Company Suppling The Alarm Will Not Warranty An Installation Carried Out Elsewhere - Even If They Imply Otherwise! THE THATCHAM ALARM MANUFACTURER WILL ALSO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY WARRANTY CLAIM ON SYSTEMS WITH A NON APPROVED DEALER  INSTALLATION  - SO PLEASE BE AWARE - And Keep yourself right When It Comes To Your Hard Earned Cash And Of Course Your Insurance Policy Itself.


To Retain  Cat 1 Status And In Most Cases Retain The Alarm Manufacturers Warranty !

Remember When We Install Your Vehicle Security System,

You Can Rest Assured That You Are Always Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty.


Thatcham Approved Products Are Insurance Approved

And Can Sometimes Achieve A Discount On Your Insurance Premium.

All Car Alarms On Our Site Are Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty

Scroll Down This Page To Find Some Of The Most

Popular, Reliable Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Available !

Hornet cat 1, Autowatch Cat 1, Toad Cat 1, Viper Cat 1 And Clifford Cat 1 Car Alarms.

**In Order To Receive A TRI, Thatcham Recognised Installer Certificate,

You Must Specifically Request One Upon The Booking Of Your Car Alarm Installation.


Hornet Maxx 1

   Hornet Maxx 1750t  

                                                                                                                                 The Hornet Maxx 1,

 Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarm / Immobiliser system is perfect

for those people On A Restricted Budjet Whom Require An insurance

 Approved Alarm System .


Thatcham Evaluated Category 1 Car Alarm.

 Dual-Circuit Immobilisation

The Hornet Maxx 1 Has A Battery Back-up Siren

Ultrasonic Sensing( switchable from your Remote Control )

 Red LED System Status Indicator   

Full Central Door Locking Control

Hazard Flash on Arm/Disarm

Door Open warning tones

Arm/Disarm Chirps (sillent arm / disarm selectable from Remote)

The Hornet Maxx 1 Car Alarm Comes Supplied With 2 Small Four Button Remotes.

5 Aux Channels For Future Proof Expansion(remote start , boot release, headlight flash*, etc)

Extra Input (mux ) Socket, for Dual zone Proximity Sensor E.T.C



                                                    CALL NOW FOR The Hornet Maxx 1, CAT 1 alarm And Immobiliser,


FreePhone  0800 1223 156 The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle Across Glasgow And Surrounding Areas
Since 1988.

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 The all New Autowatch 457 RLI/t

Cat 1 Ultrasonic Alarm Immobiliser System.

This System Represents The Next Generation In Cat 1 Car Alarm/Immobiliser Systems.
Factory Fitted In South Africa By Both Ford And Volkswagon,
Plus Peugeot, Renault And Mitsubishi In Israel !
The Autowatch 457 RLI/T Cat 1, Is THE Professionals Choice In Vehicle Security.
Thatcham Approval No TC2 1404/0807 Thatcham LCV Approval No TCL1 147/0807                            
  Product Summary,
Truly Unequaled Featurs And Functions List.
Encrypted High Quality Remote Control, 4 Button, With Built In
Battery Level Indicator.

Secure Pin Code Override, If The Alarms Remote Is Lost Or Damaged, You're
Not Left Stranded! The Autowatch 457 Rli
Has A high security emergency P.I.N. override Procedure Entered via The ign switch,

Entry Alert , With Memory Report Back.

Built In Car Locator ( For Example, If you've ever lost your car in a car park at
night, just press the "car locator" button on your AUTOWATCH remote,
the cars hazzard's will light up and will stay constantly
On (won't flash will stay bright on) creating a Bright band of light around your car.)

INTRUSION DETECTION Perimeter (Door, Window, Sunroof, Boot & Bonnet)

Early Warning Sensor input.

Digital Smart Ultraonic Movement Sensors. (Can be Switched Off, when leaving pets in the vehicle. )

Super High Intensity Bright Blue Status L.E.D

Microwave Movement Sensor (option)

Full Central locking output (Option )
Boot release ( option )
Window Closure facility ( Option )
Turbo Timer output Option ( 60 seconds )

Audible Or Silent Arm / Disarm Facility (Selectable From Remote Control)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention

Alarm trigger Diagnostics
Rapid-test mode for installer

Courtesy light illumination On Disarm and
Ignition Off. (vehicle dependant)

On-board HEAVY DUTY dual Circuit Immobilisation.
Self-arming Immobiliser.

Battery back-up siren With Data Link
Auto Re-arm Alarm ( selectable )
Auto -arming Alarm (selectable )
Lock/Unlock with ignition (selectable )
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
Ignition Anti-Hotwire Feature

Key Guard Anti-key Theft Anti Hi-Jack Facility ( Cost option,
When "Key Guard" Is Installed, Even If A Thief Has Your Car Keys
And Autowatch Remote Control, Your vehicle will Be Impossible To Start! Similary If You Are Hi-Jacked,
When The Vehicle Engine Is Switched Off It Will Then Be Impossible To Re-Start)
Indicator / Park-light Flashing
Door Open audible warning
Anti-tamper Security casing.
Remote Panic Alarm Facility

Car locator / Perimiter Lighting.
Built In Wireless Sensor Capability e.g.
Install A Wireless Sensor In Your Garage,
If A Thief Enters, Your Autowatch 457 car alarm Will Sound
Even If Your Car Is Parked On The Street !

Built In Output for Gps/GSM Tracking And Paging Devices.
 Thatcham And Insurance Approved Car Alarms Fitted Scotland

For A Fully Fitted Price On Any Of  The Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Shown .
Call Us Now On Freephone 0800 1223 156

Please Note , You May Experience An Initial Six Second Connection Delay.
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Budjet system.


The Ever Popular Toad AI606

Despite Being One Of The More Dated Cat 1 Car Alarms
( We first saw this alarm in the 90's and its not changed a bit. )
Now A Long Way From
The Last Word In Cutting Edge Car Security,
For those on a strict budjet will give satisfactory protection to
your vehicle.

The Toad AI606 functions and features - by to-days standards a little limited. 

Toad ai606 Features of the AI606 car alarm system include:
Two 4 button transmitters

Interior light illumination    
Pager/Accessories output
Intelligent re-arm / passive arm
Indicator flash
2 circuit immobilisation
Ultrasonic interior protection

Viper 480 xv 2 Way Responder Cat 1

Viper 480 xv 2 Way Responder Cat 1

This best-selling uk Thatcham Category Approved Responder System from Viper is a highly advanced 2-way Security.
The interactive display on your Responder remote confirms all commands – virtually instantly – with easy to understand icons and text.
It alerts users to security system triggers by beeping or vibrating when out of audible range of the siren.,
and you will get confirmation back from up to one-quarter mile away.    

Includes One Two Way Tranceiver Remote Control
And One, 4 Button, One Way Remote Control.

5-Channel Security System
3-Point Immobilisation
Includes One 2-Way Transmitter + One 4-button 1-Way Transmitter NEW STYLE
Remotely Adjustable Ultrasonic Sensors
ESP2 Battery Back-Up Siren
Dual Multiplex input for additional Dual Zone sensors with warn away
Doors, Bonnet and Boot Protection
Indicator Light Flash
Remote Central Locking
19 Icon Display Remote
Multi Car Control
Comfort Closure
Sensor Bypass Facility
Ultra-bright Blue LED
PIN Override and Valet Mode
Passive Arming
Bitwriter Programmable
Confirms commands and triggers on the transceiver LCD screen
Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability

For A Fully Fitted Price On Any Of  The Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Shown.

Call Us Now On Freephone 0800 1223 156
Please Note , You May Experience An Initial Six Second Connection Delay.

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Viper 460 xv This best-selling Uk Thatcham Category 1 Approved Alarm from Viper is a highly advanced Security System.   The Viper security 460 xv system will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including Ulrasonic sensor, six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kil and ignition kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry.

Viper 460XV Thatcham Category 1 Car Alarm ( as 480 xv but does not have 2 way function.)
The Viper 460XV has been designed for the individual requiring the renowned Viper features and reliability, but is working to a budget.
Security features offered on the 460XV are exactly the same as those on the 480XV, flag-ship model, but is supplied with two 4-button remote fobs.


3-point immobilisation
Remotely adjustable ultrasonic sensors
ESP2 Battery Backup siren
Metal cased Control Unit
Dual Multiplex input for additional Dual Zone sensors with
warn away
Doors, bonnet and boot protection
Flashing indicators whilst alarm sounding
Remote central locking
5 channel outputs for control of additional features
(Turbo timer, electric windows, etc)
Multi car control

Comfort close
Sensor bypass facility
Ultra-bright Blue LED
PIN override and valet mode
Passive arming
BitWriter programmable
Sensor override
Total Closure
Supplied with 2 - 4 button one-way remotes

Call Free From Any Landline On Freephone 0800 1223 156
Or If Calling From A Mobile Then You May Prefer To Call  07894 500229 (o2 network)



 Clifford Concept 650 MKii TThatcham cat 1 Car alarm Fitted Across Glasgow.

Some vehicles may need an additional door motor to be fitted to activate remote central locking. Please phone to clarify.
Some vehicles may need an additional window module to be fitted to close the windows. Please email or phone to clarify.
Installed price from £379.99 (650mkii (u) Ultrasonic verion)depending on vehicle and Security Package Chosen.

  • Security System (Thatcham Category 1)
  • Clifford's entry-level Thatcham Category-1 system meets and exceeds the highest standards of the UK insurance industry, and installing one may qualify you for discounted vehicle insurance as a result. The Concept 650MkII's built-in tandem immobiliser circuit is self-arming soon after you park so that your vehicle always remains protected, and these main electronics also reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure. Uniquely, this system is now offered with three separate sensor-package options so you can select the most suitable protection for your specific requirements; Choose from Ultrasonic interior movement sensing, Dual-Zone Proximity which includes external warn-away zone, or combined Glass Tamper and Tilt & Motion sensor packages – or perhaps even combine two or more options to be really secure!
  • Dual-Zone Proximity which includes external warn-away zone (additional £59.00), or combined Glass Tamper and Tilt & Motion sensor packages (additional £50) – or perhaps even combine two or more options to be really secure!
  • Central Locking output with On-board Door Lock Relays (where vehicle has central locking as standard)
  • Thatcham Approved (Category 1)
  • Dual-Circuit Imobiliser
  • Includes two new style 5-button Transmitters
  • On-board door Lock relays with double pulse lock/unlock capability*
  • BlackJax Anti-Carjacking System*
  • Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor*
  • SSPS5 Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability
  • Dome Light Supervision
  • 3 Programmable Aux channel outputs
  • Total Closure capability*
  • Normally Closed Input
  • Programming upgrades (grid jump)
  • Programming upgrades (PIN free programming, grid jump, etc)

NB. Items marked with '*' will require additional installation costs


For A Fully Fitted Price On Any Of  The Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Shown.
Call Us Now On Freephone 0800 1223 156

Please Note , You May Experience An Initial Six Second Connection Delay.

Calling From A Mobile? You May Prefer To Call 07894 500 229 O2 mobile Network

 Please note: exact Fitted price is Vehicle and location for installation Dependant.   

<<<<<<<- Lifetime On-Site Warranty ->>>>>>>
For Your Complete Peace Of Mind,

You Security Installation Is Covered By Our Unique Onsite Warranty.

Which Means.............



THAT'S TO SAY, *WE COME TO YOU IF YOU REQUIRE SERVICE, no need to take your vehicle back to a store and leave it for the day.

*Service at Installation Address.

**Lifetime means your ownership of the vehicle

***Manufacturers Warranty Is Not Affected.


FreePhone  0800  1223 156  The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle .

Using A Mobile? Then You May Prefer To Call  07894 500229 (o2 Network)


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